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In fresh morn air you hear them sing
young folk fain to wake
They gather wood, dew dripping feet
light hearted soul and

Flying sparks on gleaming sky
skin on skin round we spin
Round we spin just like the year
a new life has begun

Lovers round and round they twine
Spin around the fire‘s glow
Round we spin just like the year
skin on skin round we spin


Lanterns lighten field and glen
Stars glowing from the trees above
Casting longing spells of bond
in an errant shade

To crown the king
to find new love
to give new life
to shoot the stag
to bring his horns
to sing his song
to fight the dark
defeating death



Song Produktion: Alex Schulz | Tonschale Studio
Master: Robin Schmidt | 24-96 Mastering
Musik: Waldkauz
Text/Lyrics: Nina Weggen

Der Song ist Teil des Albums "Labyrinth", welches im Herbst 2021 erscheint.

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