50Taverna.jpgThanks Hamburg, thanks Taverna!


It was a very emotional performance for everyone. Now its time for some rest and creativity. We are looking forward to the next season!

Pic by Michael Meister

49GebtagNina.jpgHappy Birthday Nina!


Today we celebrate the birthday of our dear flute player and singer Nina!Thank you for being such a driving force and for your beautiful melodies.

To many more years of music, white wine and party!
Pic by Heiners Art

48cf_Winter3.jpgDank je wel Castlefest!


It was a blast!



Dear friends,

Today we have sad news for you. In December our dear Gina will share the stage with us for the last time.

After thinking about it for a long time Gina has decided to take her leave from the stage for health reasons. ..[more]

46leipzig.jpgThank you LEIPZIG!


Hopefully see you soon.

Pic by Michael J Pape at JULES Fantasy Markt

Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance.

These are the themes the band sings and plays their music about. Sometimes tender, fragile and dream-like, sometimes rhythmic, wild and demanding.

What remains throughout all the songs is the motive of myth and legends handed down to us from ancient times and the power and secret they still carry with them to this date.

On instruments both new and old WALDKAUZ plays their own brand of Pagan Folk, mixing traditional music from all over europe with their own ideas to something completely new.

Powerful drums meet wistful flute-melodies and sirring bouzouki riffs intertwine with mystical harp-melodies.

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